Create Your Own Gift Hamper

Add on any extra items to one of our pre- designed hampers


You can use this page as a base to add items to a pre-designed hamper or build your own gift box in 5 easy steps......I'll walk you through it but remember you are always welcome to call me on 0401 733 60 to talk you through it or ask questions, I'm happy to help.......or you can head to my blog here and I have written a blog post (including pictures) to walk you through it. 

1 . Choose your Packaging/Gift Box/Basket

Choose Your Hamper - Choose your hamper from the range

2. Add Your Items

TOP TIP : You can go to your cart at any time and see how you're going and what you have included so far

Something Savoury - Nuts, Crackers, Jerky, Chips, etc

Something Sweet - Chocolates, Biscuits, Lollies, Mints etc

Drinks - Tea, Coffee, Non Alcoholic, Alcohol, etc

Something To Read/Do - Cook Books, Inspirational Books, Puzzle Books, Colouring Books, etc

Something For Men - Men's Skin Care, Sports, Fishing, Personal Care Items, etc

Something for Women - Women's Skin Care, Body Products, Books, Girly Things, etc

Something Thoughtful/Inspiring - Books, Motivational Cards, Thoughtful Gift Tags, etc

Special Diet and Fitness - Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Protein Drinks, Fitness Snacks etc

Baby - Toys, Accessories, Bibs, Blankets, Bloomers, etc

Children - Toys, Children's Gifts, Children's Books, etc

Plant Gifts and Gardening - Indoor Plants and Flowers, Artificial Plants and Flowers, Gardening, etc

Occassions/Recipients - Birthday, Mum, Dad, Friend, Christmas, Get Well, Sympathy, Romance, Congratulations, Thank You, Challenging Times/Thinking of You, etc




3. Add Finishing Items

TOP TIP : Adding in some inexpensive fillers such as tea bag sachets, coffee sachets, individual chocolates and small sweets or some greenery finishes off the gift box really well.

Finishing Touches - Tea Sachets, Coffee Sachets, Flowers, Greenery, Individual Chocolates, Biscuits etc

4. Add The Gift Card, Ribbon and Stickers

You can choose from our complimentary gift cards or a range of beautiful gift cards. Write your message in the box and we will handwrite your words for you. Choose your ribbon colour and stickers and we will wrap your gift in cellophane and finish with gift card and ribbon.

Gift Cards and Ribbon Colour - Complimentary Gift Cards, Gift Cards to Purchase, Ribbon Colours, Stickers etc

5. Write your requested Delivery Date and complete Checkout

Write a note to me in the 'Note to Seller' section of checkout page with delivery details. You can add in the delivery date you would like, any details about the property (eg who to call if gates are locked or recipient is not home, if recipient is in isolation, the dog's name so I can give him/her a pat and don't get eaten.......anything you can think of that will make the delivery go smooth will be much appreciated !

Congratulations !

You have just created your own gift box!

Leave the rest to me and I will send you an email notification once your gift is delivered.

Thanks so much........your support is very much appreciated !

Made with Love