Meet Our Producers - Sow N Sow

I love EVERYTHING about this business.

I have been following Michelle and her business for a while now and I have been including her beautiful little gifts of seeds in my hampers.

They are so pretty and I really love the idea of giving a gift that keeps on giving. Getting out in the garden is also one of my favourite things to do. I love growing vegetables and plants and when I came across the Sow N Sow gifts I fell in love.

Here's a few pictures I shared on Instagram a while ago when I grew some of the Leafy Greens and Trio of Herbs Sow N Sow seeds

You can head over to the website here -Sow N Sow and read all about Michelle's business - it's awesome!!! and I'm so glad we get to spread the love with her gifts of seeds.

Thank you Michelle


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