The Veggie Project

I LOVE fresh fruit and veggies. #veggiesrock

I would eat apples like they were going out of fashion when I was a kid. I even loved broccoli when I was young.........yep I'm a veggie lover through and through. Mum and Dad didn't have too many dramas getting me to eat my veggies.........except peas, I used to line them up on the table under my plate when Mum and Dad weren't looking. I love them now but couldn't stand them when I was young.

A few years back I started growing veggies again.

I moved to Mandurah when I was 10 and Mum and Dad planted a huge veggie garden in the back yard. I thought it was so cool to see food growing in our back yard, I loved it. I even started my own little veggie garden by growing corn and capsicum outside my bedroom window when I was 12. #veggiefreak

Both my Nan's grew their own veggies too and when I would stay at my Nan's house when I was a kid she would ask me to go and pick a cucumber and some tomatoes for dinner. I thought it was so cool to just go out into the garden and get dinner. There's nothing like the taste of home grown veggies......OMG they taste so good!! And Nan's home made mint sauce with fresh mint from the garden was one of my favourite things about her lamb roast. Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE hand watering my garden (or anyone's garden for that matter) and I remember when I was young and I would be out in the garden with Nan and she would be watering the tomato bushes........OMG that smell is so good. I wish there was a perfume like that......maybe JLo or Bey could bring out a new scent.........Tomato, if they did I'd be all over it.

My Mum makes a mean roast dinner. Mum and Dad grow their own beans and they are the best with a roast dinner!! Beans are awesome anyway but fresh home grown beans are the best, so tasty!

So a few years back I felt the urge to start growing veggies again and it is one of my favourite things to do. I have always loved gardening but growing food is another level. I recently pulled out all of the plants from some of my garden beds and repurposed them so that I could use my garden for growing food.

Here's some before and after pics #beforeandafter

Here's a few pics of some of my produce so far. I always forget to take pictures but here's a few #mustremembertotakephotos

these are from my emoji plant lol

I find it so fulfilling to grow food and share it with my family and friends.

I'm in the process of putting in new seedlings and clearing some more space to grow food. I love looking after them every day and I get super excited when I see a little veggie start to take form. #simplepleasures #easilypleased

I love repurposing things I find to use in my garden. A few days ago when I was out walking the dog with my son I came across this old painter's easel out the front of someone's house and I grabbed it (it is verge waste collection in my area at the moment just so you know lol) so I thought I would repurpose it instead of it going to the tip. Lucky for me my son knows what I'm like and is not embarrassed walking down the road with me carrying things I find ha ha ha. I think I'm going to put it in my herb garden and grow beans on it..........and when they're ready I might even score a roast dinner at Mum and Dad's #winwin #livingart

I'll keep you posted with some photo updates.

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