Sometimes the Best Gifts are Free

I'm a sentimental person, It's part of who I am

I don't get attached to things anymore, I love to pass things on to others but for the moment this little beauty sits proudly on my bookcase shelf until it's time to pass it on for someone else to love.

Looks like a lump of wood right? Yes it is........and it has a plaque on it just so that the kids or visitors don't throw it in the fire when they're looking for a log to keep the fire pit

This bit of wood is actually a piece of the Old Mandurah Bridge that was taken down a few years ago and replaced with a new bridge.

The Shire of Mandurah were very generous and let residents register their interest to have a part of Mandurah's history in the form of the recovered timer #thankyou I registered my name and was looking forward to the day when I could get my little piece of bridge but as it happened life got in the way and I was out of town the weekend it all happened and I missed out.......or so I thought.

This was gifted to me for Christmas in 2019 and I would have to say it was one of the best gifts I have ever received #thankyou

The Old Mandurah Bridge holds many very special memories for me, crabbing under the Old Bridge, fishing under the Old Bridge, driving Pop's boat under the Old Bridge, driving Dad's boat under the Old Bridge, watching kids jump off the Old Bridge doing bombies, catching prawns off the side of Dad's boat as teenager in front of the Old Bridge, looking for the Old Bridge as a young child to see if we were almost back at the caravan park after an early morning crab with Pop so yeah it's kinda special to me and even though this little lump of wood has no value in dollar terms, the value it gives me is priceless. #thebestthingsinlifearefree

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